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BabyLab of the psycholinguistics laboratories

Welcome to the BabyLab!

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Welcome to the BabyLab of the psycholinuistics laboratories!

We are delighted that you have found your way to us.

Language accompanies us throughout our lives. Help us to understand language development in children even better so that they can have the best possible start in life. Here you may gain an insight into the research of the BabyLab.

Nordstadtblogger meets BabyLab: The 19th February issue of the Nordstadtblogger presents an article about the BabyLab's research on the impact of the parent's use of smartphones on their children's language development.

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Find a report in the Recklinghäuser Zeitung's 16th February issue about the official opening of the BabyLab.

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Article in the WAZ from 9th February 2023 presenting the official opening of the BabyLab: A feature on the opening and current research of the newly opened BabyLab at TU Dortmund.

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