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Re­search areas


How do children acquire language(s)?


How are thinking and speaking connected?


How can children be successfully supported in their development?


How do differences between children with different first languages develop?

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Our research methods

In some projects we measure the gaze behaviour to visual and auditory stimuli and the reaction time of your child. In other projects, however, we also measure eye movement (eye tracking) and examine brain waves (EEG). We will also complete a short parent-questionnaire together. In addition, observation of mother-infant interaction will be included in the future. The exact procedure for each participation will be discussed with you in advance and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
In any case, your child will always be close to you and you can accompany your child during all tasks.

© Hesham Elsherif​/​ TU Dortmund
© Hesham Elsherif​/​ TU Dortmund