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Team Fachdidaktik Englisch mit dem Schwerpunkt digitales Lernen und Lehren

The DoKoLL-based team for English didactics are members by courtesy in the Faculty of Cultural Studies. They contribute a subject-specific focus on digital learning and teaching in teacher education and English Language Teaching in primary and secondary schools. The emphasis is on the development and research of innovative university seminar concepts as well as on the advancement and empirical analysis of digitally mediated teaching and learning settings for English language learners. Various perspectives and dimensions of the topic are considered, ranging from the professionalization of prospective and established teachers to the development of university-level curricula and the design and dissemination of inclusive teaching and learning settings. Foci include the analysis of teacher habitus and the development of beliefs among pre-service and in-service teachers conducive to inclusive digitalization as one component of a reflective teacher identity.

Current projects of the team:

•            DigiNICS (coming soon) 

•            Interact4School: Effektives digitales Üben als Basis für den kompetenzorientierten Fremdsprachenunterricht mit dem FeedBook

•            DoProfiL: Dortmunder Profil für inklusionsorientierte Lehrer/-innenbildung

•            K4D: Kollaboratives Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen Medien in der Lehrer/-innenbildung: mobil – fachlich – inklusiv

•            TEFLkollab 

•            DELT: Digital English Teaching

•            Curriculum 4.0 

•            DiTAILS 

•            Netzwerk inklusiver Englischunterricht 

•            ELLeN: English Language Learning & Neurodiversity