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Raúl Enrique García López

Porträt Raúl Enrique García López © Raúl Enrique García López

Emil-Figge-Straße 50

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Straße 20
Raum 1.45

(+49) 231 755-8055


Office hours: by appointment via email.

Forschungsschwerpunkte / Re­search Interests

  • ELT Teacher Education
  • Re­search Literacy
  • Teacher Identity
  • Digitally-mediated learning and teaching

Raúl García holds a BA in English Philology and Teaching from the National University of Colombia, an MA in English Studies from Illinois State University, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in English and American Studies at TU Dortmund. He has worked as an Adjunct Lecturer in ELT Teacher Education programs in Colombia, an ELT project manager and consultant for various organizations in the Americas, including the British Council, Education Development Center, and the Colombian Ministry of Education.  He is currently working as a research assistant at the Dortmund Competence Center for Teacher Education & Re­search (DoKoLL).


  • Blume, C., García López, R. E., & Will, L. (in press). Leveraging collaboration: A digitally-mediated          pedagogies-of-enactment approach to pre-service language teacher education. Zeitschrift für        Fremdsprachenforschung.
  • García, R.E. (in press). [Review of the book Inquiry and Re­search Skills for Language Teachers, by Dikilitas, K. & Bostancioğlu, A.]. Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility Education and Science.





  • Erasmus+: Staff Mobility for Training at University of Stavanger



Conference Presentations

  • García López, R. E., (2022). Investigating the Impact of Re­search Literacy Development in EFL Teachers' Identity: Intervention and Study Design. University of Vienna. Department of English and American Studies. SLTED2022 - Second Language Teacher Education: Challenges and New Horizons, Vienna.
  • García López, R. E., Reyes, N.L., (2018). Transforming ELT One School at a Time: The Bucaramanga Experience. ASOCOPI 2018 – Exploring Social and Cultural Diversities, Cartagena.             
  • García López, R. E., (2018). Teaching What You Don’t Know: Transforming Practices in Teacher Training. BBELT 2018 – Best of Britain and ELT in Colombia, Bogotá.
  • García López, R. E., (2017). ELTPEdia: A Learning Community for Digital Literacy and Professional Collaboration in English Teaching. International Conference ICT for Language Learning, Florencia.   
  • García López, R. E., (2013). Pre-service English Teachers' Attitudes towards English as a Lingua Franca: Issues of Identity. TESOL Chile: Heading North with TEFL, Chile, Colombia. 
  • García López, R. E., (2013). Transforming Students' Minds through Re­search: A Professional Responsability Approach. Second Conference on Foreign Language Teaching, Ibagué, Colombia. 
  • García López, R. E., (2013). English as an International Language: Rethinking Language Teaching and Learning. IX Encuentro de Universidades Formadores de Licenciados en Idiomas, Bucaramanga, Colombia.
  • García López, R. E., (2011). Writing Standards and Second Language Literacy. The Colombian Case. Second Language Literacy Symposiun, Illinois, USA.
  • García López, R. E., (2009). Recursos Online para el Aprendizaje de Inglés. Foro Internacional Encuentro por Una Barranquilla Bilingüe, Barranquilla, Colombia.
  • García López, R. E., (2009). El Desarrollo Profesional Docente y las Nuevas Tecnologías. 1er Congreso Nacional de Bilingüismo, Armenia, Colombia.
  • García López, R. E., (2009). ICT-based Teacher Development and e-Resources for English Language Learning. 12va ELT Conference: Perspectives on Bilingualism. Current Views and Trends, Bogotá, Colombia.      


Past Semesters

TU Dortmund

  • Using Re­search and Evidence in the ELT Classrrom, WiSe 2022/23.
  • Digital Project Based Learning, SoSe 2022, WiSe 2021/22.


Industrial University of Santander - Colombia

  • Quantitative Methods in Educational Re­search
  • Foundations of Educational Re­search
  • Contemporary Didactic Trends
  • Assessment in ELT
  • Education and Society in the Digital Era
  • English Syntax


Illinois State University - USA

  • Composition as Critical Inquiry


National University of Colombia - Colombia

  • Advanced English