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The duration depends on the type of project and the research method. The recording usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. An introduction to the process and filling out the parent questionnaire can take another 15 minutes. We are also happy to take breaks between the participation sections as needed. On average, a total of about 45 minutes should be estimated.

There is the possibility to register voluntarily in order to receive information on the results after the project has been completed. However, this process usually takes some time. We would also like to invite you to the next open day. Dates and events are also always announced on our Instagram account and under 'News and updates' on the homepage.

The premises of the psycholinguistics laboratories are located on the third (top) floor of the building. They can only be reached via stairs, as there is no lift in the building. Unfortunately, barrier-free access is therefore not readily available.

Yes, there is a small kitchenette available for heating food and boiling water.

Yes, there are protected rooms and a changing table available. You can change/breastfeed your child there in peace and quiet as needed.

The handling of your and your child's data will be discussed individually with the test administration before each participation. You will be informed in advance about the use of the data and can individually agree or refuse in the form of a declaration of consent.

Feel free to contact us via the following email address:


We are also happy to answer your questions individually before the respective participation.

Please feel free to contact us at etlabor@post.tu-dortmund.de to arrange a new appointment.