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Lehramt Anglistik/Englische Fachdidaktik

In our global and di­gi­tal age English has become the preferred medium of com­mu­ni­cation and is often used as a lingua franca by speakers from various lingua-cultural and social backgrounds in varying face-to-face or virtual constellations. In our teaching, one of the main goals right from the start and across the curriculum in Englische Fachdidaktik / Applied Linguistics and ELT at TU Dortmund is to encourage students to develop a re­search-based ELF-awareness, which prepares them to shape their fu­ture English classrooms in ways that reflect the (super-)diversity of English as a lingua franca in its linguistic, cultural and social dimensions. 

Course Guidance / Stu­dien­be­ra­tung

If you have questions regarding your course decision (or any related matter) in ELT/Englische Fachdidaktik, please contact Dr. Piri Leeck. She will be happy to answer your questions.